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PRD series asphalt heat recovery mixing plant



With the continuous extension of the miles of the state highways, the problems of highway maintenance has appeared. The designed overall maintenance time for normal high-class high-class highway is about 10 years. However, due to the incompliance with actual vehicle flow and serious overloading , the time for maintenance of the roads have been shortened. There are already a lot of roads to be repaired. During the reparing process, the treatment of wasted materials is an economic problem as well as a social enviromental problem. Facing such situation, we have developed the asphalt heat recovery mixing equipment through absorbing international advanced experience and our over ten years' experience in manufacturing mixing equipment. It can solve the both problems.

Now the PRD series asphalt heat recovery mixing equipment we produced include four models as 500 model, 1000model, 1500 model and 2000 model. They can be mated use with the mixing equipment purchased by the clients with same output, or they can be used separately. At present, such series products have been in operation in Shanghai , Jiangsu , Shandong, Anhui and other cities. It appeared that the effects are good.

The technical parameters of PRD series asphalt heat recovery mixing equipment:

contents                type PRD500 PRD1000 PRD1500 PRD2000
Capacity of assembly(kw) 50 85 116 155
Old-material heating output (t/h) 30-40 60-80 90-120 120-160
Matching equipment AMP1000 AMP2000 AMP3000 AMP4000
Output (t/h) 60-80 120-160 180-240 240-320
The most adding amount of old material (%) ≤45
Total area(L×W) 9×3.5 10×3.5 12×3.5 14×3.5
Oil consumption (Kg) ≤6.0
Fuel variety Heavy oil / light oil  / natural gas
Temperature control(℃) ±5