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AMP4000 Model Asphalt Mixing Plant

Model: AMP4000-C Capacity: 280-320t/h Mixing Capacity: 4,500kg/batch Operation: Automatic/Manual/Full Computer control


The plant is designed for a production of 280~320 t/h of road mix asphalt with a finished product temperature of 160ºC, under the following standard conditions:


·     Maximum production: 320 t/h

·     Rate output included aggregate, bitumen and filler

·     Maximum mixing capacity: 4,500 kg / batch

·     Aggregate bitumen ratio accuracy:≤±0.3%

·     Bitumen weighing accuracy:≤±1%    (Continuous real-time detect)

·     Aggregate weighing accuracy:≤±2%   (Continuous real-time detect)

·     Filler weighing accuracy:≤±2%         (Continuous real-time detect)

·     Aggregate temperature accuracy:≤±3ºC

·     Fuel consumption (diesel):          ≤6.5 kg/t

·     Working environment noise level:≤80 db(A)

·     Noise level in control room:≤70 db(A)

·     Dust emission (Filter bag system):≤90 mg/Nm3

·     Standard layout area approx. 48 m x 40 m (Flexible to be adjusted to fit actual job site limitation)

·     Working voltage:380V/50 HZ

·     Operation: Automatic / Manual / Fully computer controlled

·     Operation voltage:  922 kW

·     Desired environment temperature: 20 ~ 50ºC

·     Working altitude level:<2,500 m

·     Aggregate moisture content;≤5%

·     Aggregate density:1,700 kg/m3

·     Ph value:≥7

Material not porous and hygroscopic with normal shape