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AMP3000-C type asphalt concrete mixer

AMP3000-C type asphalt concrete mixer


AMP3000-C type excellent performance asphalt mixing plant concrete mixer has an output up to 180-240 tons per hour , which looks like a big movable asphalt concrete mill. It can be used reliably for large-scale construction.

Xuetao Group

The technical parameters of AMP3000-C type asphalt mixing plant:

Contents                           Type AMP3000-C
Rated output (t/h) 180-240
Volume of mixing container(kg/batch) 3000
Total feed load(unowned end-product bin)(kw) 628
Total area (m×m) 50×38=1900
Oil consumption (kg/t) ≤6.5
Fuel variety diesel、heavy oil、natural gas
Product temperatuuure(℃) 160
Accumulated calculation accuracy (%) ≤±2.5
Calculation accuracy for asphalt (%) ≤±1.0
Calculation accuracy for powder material (%) ≤±2.5
Deviation of stone and fuel ratio(%) ≤±0.3
Accuracy of Discharge temperature stability(℃) ±5
Enviroment noise[dB(A)] ≤85
Noise heard by operators  [dB(A)] ≤70
Type of dust cleaning High pressure pulse pocket type
Concentration of discharge powder and dust[mg/Nm3] ≤80