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With the epidemic, 2021 is set to get off to a remarkable start. The sudden COVID-19 has forced people to be shrouded in the haze of the virus, and most enterprises bear great pressure and impact. The problems of whether the resumption of work and production is timely and whether the resumption of work and production is normal and the continuous and increasingly fierce order competition in the market make some enterprises struggle and fall into the risk and dilemma of stopping operation.


Facing the double test of epidemic disease and market, Wuxi Xuetao Group pays attention to the research and development of products and pays close attention to the quality improvement of products while doing a good job of epidemic prevention. Against the trend, make efforts to break out of the encirclement, actively into the double cycle, a total of domestic and international sales channels. By 2020, Wuxi Xuetao Group has gained a lot in both domestic and international markets by virtue of its good market reputation, reliable product quality and timely and thoughtful service.


In the domestic market, the indoor environmentally friendly asphalt mixture production line independently developed by Wuxi Xuetao Group has become the main force in the market, and customers are attracted by its reputation and orders come one after another. It is reported that a number of production lines will be completed by the end of 2020, helping the construction of high-grade highways in Anhui, Shandong, Shanxi and other major provinces and cities.

Suzhou site

Wuxi Xuetao IH AMP320/PRD2000 indoor environmentally friendly asphalt mixture production line

Sichuan Yibin construction site

Wuxi Xuetao IH•AMP320 (4000)/PRD2000

Indoor environmentally friendly asphalt mixture regeneration production line

Wuhan Tongsheng construction site

Wuxi snow peach IH•AMP260

Indoor environmentally friendly asphalt mixture regeneration production line


In terms of international market, while maintaining fruitful achievements in Russia and Saudi Arabia, Wuxi Xuetao Group has also opened up the market in Micronesia, showing new achievements and new actions in the face of difficulties.

Saudi site

Russian site

The Miconesian site


High quality products and perfect service are the solid foundation for the long-term development of wuxi xuetao group. In the difficult period when the global epidemic situation is still grim, Wuxi Xuetao will continue to "exchange trust with heart", continue to strive for perfection, continue to innovate, continue to guarantee product quality, continue to improve service quality, and successfully complete construction tasks for domestic and foreign customers with the "highest standard".



Looking back to the year 2020, Wuxi Xuetao has made great achievements in the field of asphalt mixing. It is not afraid of high mountain and water risks. Green and environmental protection intelligent equipment has led the industry. Looking forward to 2021, Wuxi Xuetao will not abandon the original aspiration, forge ahead, dig deep into the main business, keep innovating, overcome difficulties, create better performance with better products, and win a better future with better service!

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